Focus on
tradition and quality

Latterie Riunite is not only a large industrial company, but also a brand that produces high-quality products using the best milk from a land with a strong agricultural vocation and applying rules and working methods that are reminiscent of the excellent artisanal traditions of Ragusa.

Our people and our values

Latterie Riunite is inextricably linked to its territory, from which it has always received women, men, and resources, a vital source that animates and promotes its productive and expansive activity in every phase and moment. The company has thus become, on the one hand, a valid testimony to the dynamism and capabilities of its people, and on the other, a promoter of local economic growth, favoring induction, employment, opportunities for growth, and, not least, an appreciation that is not only national, from which the entire territory benefits.

On the road
to sustainability

Each of our actions, operations, and procedures takes place in a sustainable way, as we believe in a future that will best welcome the next generations. Latterie Riunite’s commitment to sustainability is guaranteed by the application of strategic directions and paths, which can be summarized in a few essential points.

Choice of raw materials and ingredients from km 0, such as milk from Iblean farms, a “short” supply chain that helps to reduce road transport and polluting emissions

In 2022, we launched a project to convert the roofs into a photovoltaic park equipped with a storage system with a total power of 150 kW.

We recover the heat created by production processes and reuse it for the pre-heating of water entering the dairy
Every day, we implement waste separation to promote the recycling of paper and plastic
Among other interventions, we send exhausted whey to plants for the production of biogas
We have always contributed to the economic well-being of our territory: since 1959, we have employed an average of 35/40 people and have moved locally a workforce of 10/15 external collaborators