Baked Ricotta with toasted almonds The Delizie

In this sweet preparation, the softness of Sicilian baked ricotta is enhanced by the finest almonds, expertly toasted. Processing methods inspired by tradition guarantee its flavor and aroma

Weight: variable
Ingredients: Ricotta (pasteurized cow’s milk whey, pasteurized cow’s milk, salt), sugar, modified starch (E1422), pure toasted almond paste 10%. May contain traces of nuts.
Gluten: absent
Milk origin: Italy
Artisanal processing
Packaging: in a vacuum bag

Nutritional values per 100 g of the product

Energy 1129Kj / 269Kcal
Fat 16,7 gr
of which saturates 9,8 gr
Carbohyidrate 38,7 gr
of which sugars 36,2 gr
Protein 8,9 gr
Salt 0,3 gr