Supply chain

A fully local, fully Sicilian supply chain

Latterie Riunite’s supply chain values the resources of the Iblean territory, following a strictly geographically located path that is able to guarantee freshness, safety, quality, and service.

Our partners are the Iblean breeders

The Iblean plateau has always boasted numerous cattle farms of the Modica breed, where livestock is fed mainly on pasture, and which are our most trusted partners.

The farms with which
Latterie Riunite collaborates respect:

Animal welfare

Biodiversity of the contexts

Local traditions

The green and generous
pastures of the Iblei

Our farms and their pastures play a fundamental role in defining the quality of the products, as the spontaneous forage species typical of the territory and on which the cows feed, give the milk particular flavors and aromas, which make the cheeses that derive from them incomparable.

This primary relationship between dairy products and the territory is recognized by EU regulations as a requirement for the recognition of Mozzarella STG (Guaranteed Traditional Specialty).

Our farms are located in:

  • Ragusa
  • Chiaramonte Gulfi
  • Comiso
  • Giarratana
  • Monterosso Almo
  • Santa Croce Camerina

An efficient

Latterie Riunite uses a functional production complex with technology that is enhanced in compliance with quality standards and consumer safety protection.

The plant covers an area of approximately
10.000 square meters,
of which
3.000 covered,
and is equipped with: