The Iblean area
the pride of Sicily

Latterie Riunite is the interpreter and guardian
of the agri-food traditions of Sicily

The Iblean plateau, a territory of unparalleled fertility, beauty and history, feeds the image of a unique and extraordinary island. It is composed of the homonymous mountains and is located in the south-eastern part of Sicily, between the provinces of Ragusa, Syracuse and, to a small extent, Catania. The landscape is shaped by the gentle slopes of the hills, green valleys at the bottom of caves dug by ancient rivers and streams, and olive groves, almond groves and citrus groves that fill the eyes of its visitors.

Stone constructions mark the landscape, manifesting themselves in those characteristic dry stone walls included by UNESCO among the World Heritage Sites. The plateau is also characterized by a great environmental and landscape heritage, boasting nature reserves, Sites of Community Importance (SIC zones) and natural contexts of enormous importance.

A Sicily of ancient vestiges
and Baroque cities

The Iblean territory also hosts, alongside archaeological sites, vibrant and stunning Baroque cities, steeped in history and artistic monuments. Many of them overlook a splendid crystal-clear sea, such as Ragusa, Modica, Scicli, Ispica and Noto itself, whose Baroque has been named a World Heritage Site and whose historic center is perched on a hill of the Iblean Mountains.

Sicilian cheeses between
history and myth

Among the typical products of the Iblean land, cheeses stand out for their tradition, number and goodness, the production of which, which began centuries before the birth of Christ and evolved in the time of Greeks and Romans, has a long history in Sicily. In the Odyssey, Ulysses and his companions feed on pecorino cheese, caciocavallo has been preferred by sailors since ancient times for its aging, and Canestrato was already used in the 1400s to pay annual rents for estates.

The most famous and
appreciated Iblean cheeses

Semi-mature and mature Cacio

Semi-hard, stringy, made from whole cow’s milk


Cooked and pressed, made from whole cow’s and sheep’s milk

Ragusana provola

Fresh, stringy, made
from whole cow’s milk

Fresh ricotta

Creamy and white, made
from whole cow’s milk

The enogastronomic vocation
of the Iblean territory

The Iblean territory is a true and proper
treasure trove of typical products

Among the cold cuts, the Modica soppressata and the salami and sausage from Chiaramonte Gulfi stand out, and there is no shortage of good olive oil, such as the Monti Iblei DOP extra virgin olive oil, and characteristic sweets, such as Modica chocolate. At Easter, pastieri are prepared, small pastries filled with minced pork and veal, and impanate ragusane, also filled with meat. Famous are the scacce, filled focaccias with various ingredients, among which the Ragusano cheese stands out. The most celebrated wine is the Cerasuolo di Vittoria DOCG, named for its cherry red color, ideal for accompanying the aged cheeses of Latterie Riunite.